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StickPack Technology and Supply is now offered at
Proven Partners Manufacturing!


Proven Partners Manufacturing has invested in StickPack Technology equipment and has capacity available for its Customers. We are positioned to provide a wide range of volume needs, from minimal units for specialty or niche Marketers to quantities which are demanded by national distribution.

We have invested in stick packaging technology because we believe in its growth inside the US marketplace. We offer security and comfort to Customers interested in introducing StickPack to their distribution channels, as well as offer supply chain options to companies already offering StickPack. These options include experience with stick pack technology, fresh ideas, flexibility, and continuity in managing their best business practices throughout their supply chain.

Ideal for Branded, Niche, Specialty, as well as Start-Up companies, StickPack packaging offers a wide range of advantages and innovation to the marketplace. Some of these advantages are:

  • Single use - easy dosage benefits
  • Easy opening
  • Higher capacity
  • Competitive package design
  • Global recognition
  • Significant film savings. Up to 40% less film than 3 and 4 side seal envelope pouches
  • Consumers want to sample products
  • Portions to take while "on the go! you need it!"
  • High Quality Film
  • Various pack-out configurations

Globally recognized, cost saving opportunity based, and consumer accepted, StickPack packaging design is rapidly gaining recognition in the United States.

Our ability to supply is backed by years of experience with StickPack technology. From innovative package design and specification assistance, adding value in managing the inherent challenges with product introductions, to working with established brands, we can assure you will be offered ingenuity and comfort.

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